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""Why do ya smell like wet dog?" ((Couldn't resist))"

"Oh great, another flea ridden bitch."


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"How many sexual partners do you have?"

Given this is multi ship, it’s expected that he’d have a few but all relationships have been worked on over the two years I’ve been on Tumblr or over Skype and moved to Tumblr. 

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She’s truly not used to someone feeling that way about her, despite what good things her cousins and brother might say about her, she still has trouble thinking highly of herself. It’s not that she loathes her entire persona, but it’s always quite suprising to her, to receive compliments. Of course, people might take it as fake modesty, but it was the truth. To know the hanyou loved her was something incredible to her. However, she pushes such thoughts aside, focusing her entire attention on his beloved. “Ah, that would be marvellous!” her enthusiasm is obviously palpable in her words, her eyes glistening with almost childish joy. Even someone as collected as Hakuei could be turned into an excited young girl from time to time. “I’m sure it will be a very joyful experience. I take it you are not used to being locked down in a palace for too long.” a chuckle. She’s heard stories about his travels, and so she assumes, he’d much rather feel grass beneath his feet.


As their foreheads press together, she can’t help but let out an almost giggle, amused by such gesture. “They are such wondreful people, so strong-minded, yet gentle. And their traditions, bonfires at night, telling old legends and eating what they’ve hunted, it’s truly wonderful!”

He felt nothing but warmth in his chest upon hearing her reply. To hear her act in such a childish way made him want to chuckle even more so for he was amused. It was rare to see her act in such a way but he loved it ever more so as he only seen her like this when it came to such things that excited her but he was left wondering just how long it would be before their trip. After all he would hope it would be after about a week given her return was just today as he found that it would be a shame to see she would get little rest while at home in her own palace. Eyes blinked once he heard the females statement of him not being used to being in a palace but he could not deny it as he was used to being out doors, if anything nature had been his home his whole life, it was not easy for him to always stay put inside of a home, it was why he spent his days hunting as per usual in hopes of avoiding the rest of her family. After all he didn’t really get along with them to begin with. 

He too found himself rather amused by the gesture but he also thought nothing of it as he just enjoyed showing affection towards the princess, after all small things like this was something he had wanted to do for quite sometime. “Really? It seems like quite a wonderful time.. I’m honestly curious as to how things would go when I meet them.”



She likes his laughter quite a lot. It softens his features and gives him more life. “Oh! Please don’t say such things, I would never want to feel as if I own you, you are not an object!” she knows he doesn’t mean it like that, but it’s still quite awkward to voice. Eyes light up with spark as she goes on a little ramble about the plateau. “Oh, you truly should, you’ll find no comparison when it comes to beauty! We have various beautiful sights in the empire, but the plateau is definitely one of my favourites.” An enthusiastic smile, and she takes his hand between hers. “I’m positively sure my men will find you interesting.”

Ah, but she did, be it she liked it or not, she owned him for his loyalty stood with her and her alone. He loved this woman greatly and always tried his best to prove such things. Seeing her light up always brought a joyful feeling to him and with his own set silence he listened to her ramble. He could recall that she had spoken often of other places this empire housed under his territorial claim but he had yet to really see them as he was always here in this palace. “Next time you leave, I’ll be sure to come with you. I can tell it’ll be a lot of fun.” He claimed, the promise being made as he was fascinated to see with his own eyes what beauty his beloved spoke about. It honestly curious but he never could pass up a time to really spend time with her, after all such chances were rare to come by as of late due to how long her trips had been. Could be blame her? Not really, but it didn’t mean he didn’t miss the feeling of having her close. Interlacing their fingers together, he allowed his smile to be more seen as he rested his forehead against hers, just as he listened to her speak. 

"I’m sure they will as I can recall you have told me quite a bit about them."




“Ah, Lord Inuyasha, I didn’t think you’d stay while I was gone—!” it was quite a surprise, she knew the nomadic behaviour the young man usually displayed. With a gentle smile, she caresses his cheek softly, before parting her lips to speak. “It is usually rather safe, the Tenzan Plateau is, incredibly enough, one of the most peaceful places I’ve had the luck of knowing.”

A chuckle vibrated from his vocals at the surprise remark the princess had uttered. If anything it was expected given their relationship. “Why wouldn’t I? I am yours after all.” And they were getting married soon so it was another reason to add to his long list. A kiss was placed upon her cheek before his clawed hand caressed it, the gentle smile of hers always putting him in a soothing state of mind. “It sounds like it. Maybe one day I can come with.” 

"I trust your trip was safe, Hakuei?"



ハーフ悪魔 ::

—— A snort came from Yasha on her scolding, she really was very naive. It was only Taboo to the humans unless it was nobility and keeping the bloodline pure. In youkai tradition, it was not uncommon to see inbreeding, especially with such rare breeds as the Inu were. The black haired twin stoop and stepped up to his sister with narrowed eyes, almost challenging her. "Ya know nothin’ of what is Taboo or not. Ya are thinkin’ like a human." He said bluntly, growling as he was severely pissed off at this point. It was rare to see him in such a state.

—— "It is not uncommon ta see inbreedin’ amongst youkai, ya idiot. In fact, with how few of us Inu there are left, its almost expected…" His arms crossed over his chest as his anger rose to dangerous heights. He may have control over his youki, but that didn’t stop it from getting offended and really wanting to tear their youngest sibling’s head off. Standing like this, digging his claws deep into his skin, kept his youki in check.



He could feel his ears lower when he met their sister’s gaze. He had been told time and time again that youkai had different views on incest than humans did. More on the wild spectrum of things, the demons couldn’t find the time to judge who was sleeping with who. It’s a matter of blood, power, and prestige; those who could be titled a god and have the means to keep that title. However, they all had the same human mother, raised by her and surrounded by humans to begin with, it would make sense that they followed the etiquette of a mortal. But he also learned during these short months that Yasha had the heart of a demon and being separated from him since childhood had assisted him greatly in the world of youkai.

"Otouto…" Inu growled softly as raven’s youki charged the entire space. It was making him edgy, wary about what would happen next. Daring to move closer, he tugged Yasha’s arm in an attempt to bring him back to his sensible, quiet self. It was different when it was between Iysa and himself; he didn’t like seeing his usual submissive sibling upset for any reason. 


Her features twisted to show that of a scowl. She had let go of whatever bounds she once had over the black haired male and surely was ready to fight if need be. If anything, her older brother had no clue one what he was talking about for on her quests alone she had met many Inu-youkai. There were thousands upon thousands of their kind left and they were not strict to the Western Lands. Just feeling the males aura, she felt no fear when it came to him, she already killed their eldest brother in battle. So if he wanted to fight then she’d give him one. “No, it is you who knows nothing. It is more than common for both humans and demons alike to find such things taboo. Royalty or not, that bloodline never stays pure, it only becomes worse to the point an offspring has no mental state of their own. I know exactly what happens when incest goes to far! And don’t you give me that shit about there not being many of our kind left, I’ve seen more than enough to keep this race going.” 

She could feel her blood boil, the anger getting under her skin and just the sight of her brothers alone disgusted her. At this point she found herself glad she left, at least it saved her from having to deal with them. “I may be the youngest of us all, but at least I have some fuckin’ common sense to find things out for myself and not seem to automatically assume such bullshit to be real!” Feeling her fingers curl into tight fists she then found herself punching a massive whole in the cave and despite the outcome of it leaving her knuckles bloody, she ignored it and turned her back her supposed siblings and began walking away.

She was done with them. There was no point in staying and surely if she did, one of them would be dead and she knew it would not be her.

Being how I’m tired, I’m going to call it and go rest. If someone would like to plot with Inu, feel free to shoot an ask my way and I’ll get to it when I return.

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"❝Is there anything about me that you love?❞ - Hana"

"Yeah, and I’m sure I told ya many times."

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For a name or face that didn’t click, she felt as if she were once awfully close to him. She remember her uncle telling her about how sometimes people felt that way even their soul mates were near her, but she’d never thought of the tale as anything more than just that: A tale.She wasn’t too sure if she believed it now or not, but the memory kept coming back to her. Becoming lost in thought, the female stared quietly at he dog eared boy.

His voice reached her ears again and caused her to snap out of it, her eyes widening only a little before she realized he had asked what her name was. “Kera.” She responded, giving a light shrug. Her attention returned to his ears, giving in to the urge to touch him. Her feet carried her small body towards him, her face void of emotion as she reached towards him. “Excuse me—” She muttered quietly before her fingers grazed the cloth that covered his body, her other hand running through his hair. “Soft…” She remarked, letting out a small sigh.

The term Soul mate was something he had heard of before when he was younger but to say he found it to be true or false had yet to really go unanswered for he wasn’t that kind of person to always have someone around. Kera was the first woman in weeks that he had actually spoken to other than demons that he slaughtered soon after meeting as it was his job to do so and keep humans safe—— at least for the most part. If not just to cure his own boredom. 

Once he heard the females name, he found himself seeing that they had both shared the same name and surely enough it was hard to really believe for he had guessed that she would have a different name much like Kikyou’s reincarnation did but it seemed he too was still learning about this whole reincarnation thing. It was odd… Very odd. 

Visage shot to the hands that reached upwards towards his ears and as soon as he felt the girl upon the fur that covered his ears, he sighed heavily as he turned his glare onto Kera herself where he wanted her to remove her hand. Her past life, it still was not decided on if he’d let her even and they were at that point of almost becoming lovers but he was finding himself declining such acts he had only just met her. If anything it just felt weird and surely he’d much rather her stop on her own than him raising his voice or becoming violent over it. 

"Uh… Do you mind, Kera?"

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"****** - C.C. and Inu yo"