Now that I have actually seen diva in the anime I can only say I love her to bits.

Send 3 questions. The character will answer 2. The mun will answer 1. 



                                                all we’ve  ever               

                                                    r   e  a  l    l    y

                                                    wanted   is   a 

                                                    place   to   call

                                                    O        U         R

                                                H    O    M   E               

"Am I the monster you truly fear or am I just the monster you can blame for everything?"

the-time-witch whispered:

"' you're a monster! ' ;c"

"…You knew since day one what I am, what made you now feel the fear that everyone else has when they see me?" With a low tone he asked his simple inquiry. The hanyou was honestly caught off-guard by the woman’s words for she knew of his history, his blood, and surely the power he possessed but it was only now that he got the reaction from her that he got out of just about everyone else… 

It hurt for though he did nothing, he couldn’t help but wonder what caused her to have such a great change of heart towards him..

What was her reason…?


Anonymous whispered:

""You're a monster!" willful-slayer ;w;"


Hearing the statement from the Taijiya made his mood drop. The hanyou knew he was a monster, something that was to be feared throughout the lands but he too saw himself as a warrior. Someone whom defended the innocent and had his own view of honor for though he slaughtered both humans and demons he never touched the innocent and never could bring himself to do so. He only raised his blade to defend, never to destroy— or at least that was his intention. 

While standing up he crossed his arms and shook his head just as he made his way past the young woman and with a scoff he spoke his inquiry. 

"Always knew it’d be a matter of time before this would happen but let me ask you this: Am I  the monster you truly fear or am I just the monster you can blame for everything?" He was calm as he spoke, his visage fixating on the wreckage behind him to get one last look at the destroyed village he had done himself but was he guilty for doing it? Not in his mind, after all most villagers attacked and tried to kill him just for being what he was and surely he had his right to defend himself even if it meant killing and it mattered not of what others thought for his conscious thoughts upon the matter would not change and with one final sigh he walked away. He wasn’t going to leave any room for this conversation to continue. 

…It was over. 


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→  asked: Sango or Kagome?

Put “You’re a monster!” for my character’s reaction.  






"—-Really? Was that even needed?"


If I told you where I’ve been
[w͏her̀e̷ ̢h̨áve I ́bee͏n̸?͘]

Would you still call me baby?
And if I told you e v e r y t h i n g
Would you call me c̟̠̼͞ͅr̤̰͇a̩̲̻̪zͅy̦̟̥?

Cause baby I’m a d̩ a̹͙̘̼̮̙͇ r͍̫͎̦̟͍ k ͍͎̘͕͙͙ ṣ̯̹̥̼̬͎ t̲͖̠̜̫̗ a r,

d̎ͧ̐̊ͭ͛ͦ͘a͙̳̣͚̎ṙ̶͍͉̭̓ͮ͒k̩̟̩ͪ̍̓̽̒̓̓ ̦ͪͧs̵͓̖͔͔̻̃̇̑ͅt͎̗̮̑ȃͭ̒̀̄ͩ́r̆̀̿҉̦̱̥̬̫̝͓, 

My heart was born out of the f i r e
I lost love a  t h o u s a n d  years ago
And still, I can’t find her
Now I don’t love like I used to
But I’ve got  s t o r i e s  I could tell you,
"If I want to…"


make me choose meme

→  asked: Kagome’s mother or Inuyasha’s mother?

"Half-breed or full-breed, to me it don’t matterBut when you insult my motherthat’s when I get angry.

Besides Nyo and Nero, do I owe anyone?