It’s safe to say this Knight is going to bed.



                 If only you 


h o w damaged

                             I really am

                [                And I swear to you

                         ʇɥɐʇ those who would harm you

                                 will die  s c r e a m i n g                 ]

Grab a marker and write something on my muse! ( Anywhere over my muse’s body. )


I must control my anger,
           or I won’t control my power

                    I must control my rage
                              or lose the ability to plan 

                                            I must control my fury 
                                                     or let slip all that I’ve sought




The taijiya frowned, taking her hand back only to grasp his. “Well, that isn’t normal…” she murmured with concern tinting her voice, “you think rest will help?” Sango would much rather have him actually doing something about it, though… at least she could offer some help that way.

A soft sigh was given as his topaz hues only focused upon the ground before him. He wasn’t feeling normal but then again he was never normal and that could go in whichever way someone wished to take it. “Hn.. Don’t worry about it. It’s nothin’.” Though any thoughts of sleeping now alluded him for he knew it would not happen. “If I had an answer I’d give it but I don’t.”



"Is something the matter?" Sango asked as she moved to feel his forehead for a fever.

Depression. That’s what it was and all he could say it would be. Sitting up, he removed his mates hand from his forehead and sighed. “Just… Not feeling all into things today.”

"I think I’m going back to sleep." He had no use in being up, not now, not while he felt like complete shit.



Little Sango looked up at the hanyou with wide eyes. No fear permeated her aura, only curiosity. After all, if he were a wicked youkai, he would have tried to hurt her already, right? With quiet wonder, she circled him, with a suspicious Kirara following at her heels. “Hanyou,” she called, as if she already didn’t have his attention, “can I see your… claws?” Kirara growled with her fur standing on end in response.

Inuyasha’s eyes watched as the little girl circled him. He didn’t think he’d find a youngling this far out in the forest but being how she was accompanied by the Nekomatta it was not to be expected that the little girl would be afraid. Inuyasha knew well what the little kitten was capable of. While one hand rested on the hilt of his Fang, the other expected out for her to see as she had asked. It wasn’t often he’d meet someone whom wasn’t afraid of him, it was more so a relief in a way but no matter he knew that he could not stay around for too much longer for trouble would only follow and he wouldn’t want the youngling to become harmed in any way due to his actions.

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Y u feels die

Oh you know, watching .Hack Quantum and simply enjoying the feels fest it gave.